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Areas of Expertise

Learn about the specific services we offer, and what goes in to creating a well rounded estate plan.

The Path and The Plan: Our Unique Process
See how we take a comprehensive and holistic approach to your financial life. Let us take you down the path to create a family plan that meets your goals.

Why Chaffee & Associates?
Our firm is set apart from attorneys and investments managers, and we would like to tell you how. Read about what differentiates Chaffee & Associates from the rest of the pack.

Your Team
Meet the Chaffee & Associates team, who have been dedicated to serving their clients and families for over 20 years.

Core Values
See our values and commitment to the relationships Chaffee & Associates builds with clients.

A Promise to Our Clients
Rick and Jessica share their thoughts on what we are able to provide to the families Chaffee & Associates works with.