The Path and The Plan: Our Unique Process

Define Your Legacy

We help you to define your legacy based on your values, goals and objectives that naturally act as an internal compass to guide the process.

Customized Lifestyle & Cash Flow Model

We create a customized lifestyle and cash flow model based on your assets and your retirement goals. This model will show the assets you need to keep for retirement security and those you can afford to give away.

Role Play Your Current Estate Plan

We role play your estate plan based on your current wills, trusts and net worth statement. You can then evaluate if your current plan reflects your values.


We have an extensive toolbox of strategies - products, services and strategic partnerships - to tailor a solution to meet your financial legacy.

Estate Planning Playbook

We create a customized playbook with wealth transfer strategies to create your values based estate plan.

Test New Strategies Using Lifestyle & Cash Flow Model

We test your new estate planning strategies using your customized lifestyle and cash flow model to determine the impact of the plan on your retirement income, net worth, and your legacy.

Coordinate With Other Advisors

We meet with your legal and tax advisors to work through the necessary steps to implement your plan.

Family Meeting

We can help you facilitate a family meeting to communicate your new values based plan - your legacy - to your children.

Continuing Support

On an ongoing basis, we update, role play, and monitor your plan.