A Promise to Our Clients

"In today’s rapidly changing economic and political landscape, I help people direct and preserve their financial legacy. From the business owner handing over the reins to the next generation, to the hard charging executive preparing to retire, I help my clients navigate their complex financial life and work to ensure the preservations of their estate with tax efficient strategies. Planning based on your goals, with your values, and our unique holistic process sets us apart from the pack of attorneys, wealth management firms, and insurance companies. From making charitable donations, to planning a successful transition to the next generation of your business, we pride ourselves on comprehensive family estate planning."

-Richard J. Chaffee Jr.

What we do:
"We take your real-time assets and stress test your estate plan to help ensure the execution of your goals. We map out what will happen to you, your family, and your outside interests. We help you navigate the challenges often faced when confronted with estate taxes. We help create plans for the continuation of your business with the next generation while protecting your retirement goals. We commit to upholding your estate preservation goals on an ongoing basis, supported by our own family succession plan here at the firm. Your financial life is complex. Chaffee & Associates will provide you with clarity."

-Jessica A. Chaffee